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A good building can change your life

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Like eating well and exercising, buildings can make us feel good and live well. We spend up to 90% of our time inside buildings; therefore, buildings should be designed for us! From family living at home, productive working in an office, providing customer service in a call centre, caring for the ill in hospitals, educating people in schools or making things in factories. Creating comfortable conditions is critical to our happiness and productivity.

The MULTI COMFORT concept is about building and renovating our homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings in a way that gives us improved comfort and wellbeing whilst protecting the environment.

MULTI COMFORT buildings incorporate the Passive House standard so have a very low energy demand and provide the ultimate Thermal Comfort. In addition, MULTI COMFORT buildings provide high levels of Acoustic Comfort, creating a sound environment, enhanced Visual Comfort offering optimum levels of natural daylight and connection with the outdoors, plus improved Indoor Air Comfort, increasingly important as we become more urban and our buildings are surrounded by busy roads, on flight paths or in higher pollution areas.

Comfort in buildings

MULTI COMFORT buildings have temperatures of relative stability, not too hot or too cold, so we can be comfortable whatever we’re doing. MULTI COMFORT buildings have the right type and right amount of light, not too much with glare or too little to see effectively for all our different tasks, from working with screens to bedtime reading. MULTI COMFORT buildings protect us from unwanted noise from outside and neighbouring buildings and from those sounds inside other parts of our own buildings. They are also balanced acoustically so that the sounds we want and need to hear are crystal clear. In MULTI COMFORT buildings, indoor air is always fresh and clean, with reduced humidity and unwanted odours.

MULTI COMFORT buildings...

  • Use very little energy to stay warm without radiators
  • Keep your ideal indoor temperature all year round
  • Have walls that are warm to the touch
  • Have no draughts, even on the floor

MULTI COMFORT buildings...

  • Protect you from noise – outside and inside!
  • Mean you can make noise without disturbing others
  • Enjoy an improved level of ambient noise
  • Control noise reverberation and increase speech intelligibility making sound places to work and learn

MULTI COMFORT buildings...

  • Are full of natural light without glare
  • Have rich colours and make close-up work easy from even light distribution
  • Bring the outdoors inside, connecting you with nature to make you feel good

MULTI COMFORT buildings...

  • Keep outdoor pollution outside
  • Have a constant supply of clean, fresh air
  • Never feel stuffy nor damp in the air
  • Actively break-down impurities from indoor air

The MULTI COMFORT concept can be applied to all building types; from homes to offices, schools and hospitals, we can help you design a building that improves your comfort and wellbeing.

For more information or assistance, please email us at multicomfortuk@saint-gobain.com.

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