How to get a full support package for your sustainable building project?

Video transcript

Are you involved in planning or developing an innovative sustainable building?

Do you want to be at the forefront, building on Passive House standards and taking them to a more holistic next level?

Would you like to benefit from a full support package from Saint-Gobain, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors of building products?

If so, then apply today to become an “exemplar” project for the new MULTI COMFORT standard, developed by Saint-Gobain. 

MULTI COMFORT looks at a building through the lens of the occupiers’ total “comfort level” … taking into account thermal comfort, audio comfort, visual comfort, indoor air comfort and economic comfort. 

Already, the first MULTI COMFORT building in the UK is under construction, with a new sports and drama centre at a leading school.

Now, we are looking to support a select number of other projects including:

  • A small-scale residential housing development
  • Self build homes
  • Health sector buildings such as a clinic, health centre or hospice, and
  • A small- to medium-scale commercial project, such as an office or mixed-use development.

Your only commitment is to design and build your project to the well thought-out MULTI COMFORT standards, which are based on existing Passive House standards in many areas.

Then, share the learning experience and the performance results with Saint-Gobain, so we can all prove the concept works as planned.

It should mean minimal changes to your designs, no additional cost of construction and no more time on site.

Plus, at every stage, Saint-Gobain and our expert partners will be on hand to provide advice, training, technical services and a full support package.

It will bring you many additional benefits in terms of knowledge, expertise and recognition and, of course, a successful completed building.

At Saint-Gobain, we will to do everything we can to make sure your project is a success for everyone involved …architect, developer, contractor and occupier.

So please apply today. There’s no cost, no obligation or commitment at this stage …just share a few details of the project and we’ll be happy to discuss it in complete confidence.

Join us at the forefront of the next evolution in creating sustainable habitats.

Stacey Temprell
Habitat Marketing Director Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland

I’ve worked in marketing and business strategy in the performance-based solution arena for 20 years, 15 of those in construction products.

I’ve a real interest in how both technological developments and social change will impact on how we live and work in the future – reading futurist predictions from all arenas can be a real source of inspiration!