How does healthy building aid the government's productivity agenda?

We know that productivity is number one on the government’s agenda at the moment and MULTI COMFORT manages this in a number of ways and will actually support the productivity agenda. MULTI COMFORT by designing in elements of comfort, health and wellbeing can help in many ways. If we look at homes that could improve sleep, reduce stress and improve the overall health and wellbeing of the people living in them – that could mean they perform better at work, get better output, better productivity and less absenteeism.

We know that in offices increased productivity can be seen where there is improved air-quality and improved day-lighting. This helps to improve productivity for the UK overall and also reduces absenteeism as well. 

If we look at hospitals MULTI COMFORT can help with patient recovery time and with staff happiness, therefore again you get better productivity.

Probably the most important one is in schools where you can enhance the learning ability of the students and that can lead to a better economic outcome from those children getting a better education and going on to get a better job and then add more back to the economy.

What could policymakers do to improve comfort, health and wellbeing in buildings?

We spend 90% of our time, on average, indoors. This means the buildings have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing – that’s the first thing, we want them, the policymakers, to understand this. We also want them to understand that better buildings are possible and we’re doing that with MULTI COMFORT. They need to understand that it’s more than energy efficiency, which is where policy has really focussed on for the last few years, it’s about acoustics, better air-quality, better day-lighting, all these factors come in, and to do this they really need to move away from a single measured approach to a whole house fabric first approach to building policy

What is Saint-Gobain doing to get MULTI COMFORT buildings on the agenda with policymakers?

Firstly, we’re building our own MULTI COMFORT buildings to demonstrate that this is possible, but also we’re advocating for better buildings. We’re also supporting a global campaign from the World Green Building Council, this is looking at better places to be and in the UK we’ve support a number of reports on office, retail and in housing to actually build the business case for these types of buildings, And also general advocacy working with policymakers, other civil servants, stakeholders, everyone across industry to try and raise awareness that better buildings are possible and we can do our bit to improve everyone’s daily life

Jade Lewis
Director of Advocacy Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland


I was seconded to work with the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change to assist in the development of aspects of renovation policy.


I’ve spent the past 5 years working closely with the renovation sector and developed a real interest and expertise in energy efficiency policy and the issues facing the whole house renovation of buildings. I am really excited to be leading advocacy activity within Saint-Gobain at a time when we aim to change the conversation with policymakers and trendsetters away from just energy efficiency to place occupier comfort, health and wellbeing at the forefront of building design.