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How can a home improve my comfort, health and wellbeing?

Our homes can have a significant impact on our comfort, health and wellbeing.

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Mark Allen, Habitat Technical Director, Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland

The MULTI COMFORT design concept is about building and renovating our homes, office, schools, hospitals and other buildings in a way that gives us improved comfort, health and wellbeing whilst protecting the environment.


An introduction to healthy, efficient, MULTI COMFORT buildings

We all deserve MULTI COMFORT buildings

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Constructing a healthy school building with MULTI COMFORT

Filmed at the Bartholomew Barn Launch Event

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How does healthy building aid the government's productivity agenda?

We know that productivity is number one on the government’s agenda at the moment and MultiComfort manages this in a number of ways and will actually support the productivity agenda.

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Jade Lewis, Director of Advocacy, Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland


How to get a full support package for your sustainable building project?

Are you involved in planning or developing an innovative sustainable building?

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Stacey Temprell, Habitat Marketing Director, Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland


MULTI COMFORT to become a virtual reality at Jewson Live

The Saint-Gobain MULTI COMFORT concept will be brought to life next week with a unique virtual reality experience at Jewson Live

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A MULTI COMFORT Poem for World Poetry Day 2017

Adapted from Rudyard Kipling's 'If', a MULTI COMFORT poem for World Poetry Day 2017

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Designing a building for comfort

Like all mammals, we are relatively fragile beings, so we have come up with various strategies, to protect ourselves from the outside environment.

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What is Acoustic Comfort?

A ‘comfortable’ acoustic environment can be defined by the quality of sounds we want to hear and the absence of sounds we don’t want to hear.

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